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A Server-Client based application developed with Java SE, can be used to transfer data or simple messages between several devices, over the network. The project is open source.

Technical details

Application built using JavaSE, uses ServerSocket and Sockets for the connections; uses Threads in order that clients and server to be able to receive and send messages simultaneously; the Server uses an additional Thread so that it listens for new connections from multiple clients anytime. 

Feel free to test this application and modify it as you will, and let me know about any ideas or other cool projects!


  1. You need JDK installed in order to run this application;
  2. The steps provided in the Install Instructions - How to use section, in conjunction with the suggestive screenshots, represent only an example of a use case of this program. It also can be used to connect several clients to the same server simultaneously, and is able to connect multiple machines across the same LAN (Local Area Network). Its functionality could include also connecting to the server by using its public IP, but that remains to be tested.

Have fun!

Install instructions

How to use (check screenshots for more details)

  1. Open CMD.exe (command prompt)
  2. Inside CMD, run this line: set path=%path%;C:\Program Files\Java\jdkX.Y.Z_AB\bin (where X, Y, Z and AB mark your JDK version)
  3. (Screenshot 1):  Inside CMD, navigate to folder ClientServer\bin found in the archive you just downloaded and run the command: java com.network.Server 
  4. You must provide the port to open the Server on. You can use 4444.
  5. (Screenshot 2): Inside CMD, run the command: java com.network.Client
  6. You must provide the IP and Port number you opened the Server on. If you want to have the Server and Client on the same PC, you can type for the address,  and the port number you used.
  7. (Screenshot 3): That's it! You can now exchange messages or data between the Server and Client!


Mesh-Chat-App 12 kB

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