X'n'0 major update - download v1.0 now!

... and we're back!

It's been some time since I've uploaded this project on itch.io, but eventually the passion pushes hard and we can finally see the Version 1.0 Release.

What's new?

I have added the option to play against the CPU. Dare to fight our new little mega hyper clever droid! :) 

After the tests, the Droid won 80% of rounds, 15% ended draw, and 5% were won by the players. Good luck and let us know about your experience.

Thank you,

As always, I'm trying to bring high quality content to you, even if it doesn't happen daily.

I'd like to thank everybody that contacted me regarding my projects on itch.io. Good people :)

Stay tuned

I'm planning to start working on a few more applications from now on, that will be available on Android as well. 

See you soon!


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Dec 22, 2018

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